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6520 Water Handling System
6520A Water Recirculation System
Closed Loop
The 6520A Water Recirculation System provides a convenient means to operate on a closed loop. This method of operation will be desirable for installations where a supply of tap water, or a drain, is not convenient or available. Or, when the quality or temperature of the water supply does not meet the operating specifications of the calorimeter. (The 6520A Water Recirculation System includes an integral thermoelectric cooler and eliminates the need for a stand alone cooler).

The 1564 Water Recirculation System is designed for use with a water cooler. Users who have our 1552 Water Cooler or a similar chiller should select this recirculating system for closed loop operation.

6510 Water Handling System
6510 Water Handling System
Closed Loop
In the 6200 Calorimeter, the operator must make provisions for precisely adding the correct volume of water at a repeatable starting temperature. The following closed loop systems handle this task, as well as the other functions of closed loop systems.

The 6510 Water Handling System uses thermoelectric cooling and a unique glass pipette to deliver a precise amount of temperature controlled water for filling the bucket and provide cooling water for the jacket. The 1563A Water Handling System uses the same glass delivery pipette, however a separate water cooler must be used. The Parr 1552 Water Cooler is recommended for this purpose.
1563A Water Handling System
1552 Water Cooler
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