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2810 Pellet Press
2810 Pellet Press
The Parr Pellet Press provides a convenient and inexpensive means for compressing powdered samples into pellet form for oxygen bomb calorimetry. Although many materials burn well as a loose powder, others such as benzoic acid must be made into a pellet for safe and complete combustion. Punch and die sets are available in six sizes:

• 1/2 inches • 1/8 inches
• 3/8 inches • 3.0 mm
• 1/4 inches • 4.5 mm

Calorific Standards
Calorific Standards
Parr offers benzoic acid as a secondary standard, traceable to NIST, for standardizing the bomb calorimeters. Also offered is Trizma base (>99.9% by titration) for standardizing the 6755 Solution Calorimeter.

art Description
3403 30 g BA powder
3413 20 BA pellets, 1 g
3414 120 BA pellets, 0.2 g
3415 100 BA pellets, 1 g
3416 500 BA pellets, 1 g
3417 500 BA pellets, 0.2 g
3418 1000 BA pellets, 0.2 g
3421 100 g bottle, Tris

Fuel Capsules
Fuel Capsules
Stainless Steel, Fused Silica, Platinum-Rhodium, Heavy Walled C20, Cup (for use with semi-micro bombs)
Part Description
43AS Stainless Steel, 6 pk
43A3 Fused Silica, 2 pk
43A5 Platinum-Rhodium, ea
217A Heavy Walled, C20 (for use with 1104)
208AC Cup (for use with semi-micro bombs)

Fuse Wire and Ignition Thread
Fuse Wire and Ignition Thread
Ni-Cr, Platinum, Semi-permanent Ni-Cr, Cotton Ignition Thread.

Part Description
45C10 Ni-Cr, 500 cm, 3 cards
45C3 Platinum, 30 cm, 1 card
840DD2 Semi-permanent Ni-Cr, 60" spool
845DD2 Cotton Ignition Thread, 1000, 4" pieces
845DD Cotton Ignition Thread Spool

Volatile Matter Crucibles
Volatile Matter Crucibles
An inexpensive, 13 mL, nickel-chromium alloy crucible with an insert cover for determining volatile matter in coal and coke. The crucibles will withstand repeated heating to 1000 °C without appreciable change in tare weight, but not recommended for procedures requiring extreme corrosion resistance.

Part Description
3101 VM Crucible w/ cover
3102 VM Crucible w/o cover
3103 Cover only

Sealing Tape
Volatile samples can be handled in a standard 43AS or in a 43A6 platinum capsule by covering the top of the capsule with a disc of adhesive tape. Parr’s 517A tape is free of chlorine and low in sulfur.
Part Description
517A Adhesive Sealing Tape
Gelatine Capsules
Volatile liquid samples to be burned in an oxygen bomb can be weighed and handled conveniently in these two piece capsules. Each size 00 capsule holds 0.9 mL.
Part Description
3601 Gelatine Capsules, Size 00, Bottle of 100
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