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Series 2500 Micro Batch Reactor System

Parr Model 2500 Micro Batch Reactor alongside the 4848 Micro Batch System Controller
The 2500 Micro Batch Reactor System is our smallest ever family of stirred reactors, available
in a number of configurations. With reactor volumes of 5 mL or 10 mL, independent reactor gas filling PID temperature control, and a choice of two closure styles, the flexibility of the MBS 2500 is sure to bring value to your small volume, high pressure project.
Based on the popular Parr MRS 5000, the MBS 2500 offers even smaller volume options, a smaller footprint, a stand-alone controller and data logging system, and a lower per reactor price.
Features of the Micro Batch System 2500 include:
-Three reactors with 5 mL or 10 mL volume, available in stainless steel, high-nickel alloys, titanium, zirco­nium, and other exotic materials

-Small 12" x 12" (30.5 cm x 30.5 cm) footprint, with remotely located 4848-based controller for temperature/stirring control and pressure display.

-Standard 3000 psi (207 bar, 200 bar for CE) at 300 °C rating in T316 Stainless Steel

-Trusted Parr seal geometry employing either a captive PTFE flat gasket and screw cap with compression bolts, or a self-sealing O-ring with tool-free screw cap closure

-Standard head fittings to include safety rupture disc, pressure transducer, inlet/vent valve, and internal thermocouple

-3-valve inlet manifold for control of gas addition

-Common aluminum block heater with PID control

-Individual reactor temperature monitoring

-Individual reactor pressure monitoring

-Common stirring speed via individual PTFE- or Pyrex-encapsulated stir bars
Micro Batch
Bench Top
 Vessel Mounting
 Vessel Sizes, mL
5 and 10
 Maximum Operational Pressure, psi (bar)
3000 (200) Standard
 Standard Maximum Operating Temp., °C:
150w/ EP O-ring
225w/ FKM O-ring
275w/ FFKM O-ring
300w/ Carbon-Filled PTFE Flat Gasket

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