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6400 Automatic Isoperibol Calorimeter
Designed for laboratories that require high through-put. The unit features a closed loop cooling subsystem and the highest automation in a calorimeter...อ่านต่อ >>
1341 Calorimeter
Parr's digital thermometer provides digital precision and reliability for temperature measurements in a laboratory environment...อ่านต่อ >>
4848 Reactor Controller
stirrer speed display, vessel pressure readout, high temperature protection, and motor current readout could be ordered with analog outputs that required an analog to digital conversion board to log tอ่านต่อ >>
1758 Printer
1758 Printer with Cable for Series 6000 Calorimeters with USB Connector...อ่านต่อ >>
Series 4570/80
High Temperature /High Pressure Reactor Systems...
5000 Multiple Reactor System (MRS)
The Parr Series 5000 Multiple...
1341 Plain Jacket Calorimeter
A reliable calorimeter, the 1341 can be used...
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